1000 Points of Peace

Lighting a Candle for Peace

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is one mans quest to share a vision of life without war.


ragtime, a stained glass artist living near berkeley springs, west virginia, began his points of peace project in the fall of 2006.

as a combat marine who fought in vietnam, it is his contribution to the effort to create a more caring world free from war.


each window is a unique creation intended to remind everyone of the spirit of peace and is part of a numbered and cataloged series limited to 1000. at 10 inches in diameter each piece is the same and yet no two are alike. artwork can be ordered in a wide array of styles, colors and types of glass. whether you order a customized piece or choose one of the creations

already hanging in the studio, you will be getting a true symbol of the vision that we wish to share.



...i found myself on foreign shore

lost inside a box of war

but i’ll never touch another gun

while undoing damage i have done...


excerpt from “joining” by ragtime